Job Creation

William Casey Murdock is completely focused on creating jobs in the Panhandle and Northwest Oklahoma. As a rancher, William Casey recognizes what needs to be done by the state to continue creating jobs and protecting our local economies. Most importantly, William Casey knows that government doesn’t create jobs, the hard working people of Oklahoma do. As our next District 61 State Representative, he’ll vote and lobby to remove arduous regulations and to cut taxes for employers so they can afford to hire more local workers.

Private Property Rights

William Casey Murdock staunchly believes in our private property rights. As our State Representative, William Casey will pledge to fight any policy that removes control of our water, mineral, or property rights, and transfers those rights to the state government in Oklahoma City. William Casey believes the best way to solve our water issues is through local control rather than an one-size-fits-all program. And William Casey will do what ever it takes to stop the EPA from abusing their regulatory power. William Casey will protect District 61 property owners’ rights from intrusive acts such as the Endangered Species Act to take land from property owners.

Faith and Family

William Casey and his family regularly attend Felt United Methodist Church. The Murdocks are strong Christians who rely heavily on their faith in God to guide them throughout their lives.

Pro-Life and Pro-Gun

William Casey is pro-life and supports the Second Ammendment.

Public Education

William Casey served as President of his local school district board. This gives him a unique understanding of the problems facing our rural schools. He strongly believes in the highest quality education for our children. The Common Core State Standards remove too much control from local schools. Unfortunately, state government controls too much of what is being taught in the classroom. The solution is more local control.